Features and Details

Trusted by many, we built up not just a smart wallet, but first-rate innovation with a stunning design.

Bluetooth 5.2

Better precision and longer range

Location tracking

If lost or stolen

Power bank

Wireless and cable charging

Italian Leather

High quality Italian leather

Mobile app

Mobile app

You can change the LED color, use the tracking, customize and control your wallet from the mobile app.

Wireless and Cable Charging

Wireless and Cable Charging

You can wireless charge your wallet and also other devices. To charge your wallet just place it on a Wireless charger and to charge other device just place it on the wallet and it acts like Power bank. Walleon supports also cable charging.

Security features

Security features

Your money, cards and documents will be much more secure. We will announce more information about the security features soon.



You can pick the LED color you like, switch it on/off, set the battery saving, customize the distant notification. Almost each of the Walleon functions is customizable from the mobile app.
Walleon Savage

Innovation and Design

Innovations and design come together to present the best smart wallet you have ever seen!

Rule the Business Jungle


Trusted by many, we built up not just a smart wallet, but first-rate innovation with a stunning design. Smart technologies have now presented the opportunity to create one of the best tracking wallets. Thought with care and devoted to making your life easier, Walleon is a new generation innovation that everyone wants to have. Designed with the dedication to serve all your needs, Walleon will make sure you never lose it and keep safe all your belongings.

Walleon Cardholder
Walleon Savage Model

all features

Bluetooth 5.2 Long Range

Higher distance and precision

Wireless + cable charging

Distant notification

If you forget your wallet

Additional security features

Will be announced soon

Last wallet location

If Bluetooth connection is lost

Change LED color

Or turn on/off

Location tracking

Track your wallet on the map

Built-in Power bank

Long Battery

Battery efficient

Proximity Sensor

To save battery

Sound alert

If you can't find your wallet

RFID blocking

Your cards are protected

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