Top-notch Smart LED Wallet with GPS Tracking

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Features and Details

Trusted by many, we built up not just a smart wallet, but first-rate innovation with a stunning design.

Global GPS Tracking

You can pick between Bluetooth tracking (limited range) and Global GPS tracking.

Built-in Power Bank

The 2500mah ultra-thin 4mm Power bank can charge your phone and other devices in an important situation.

SOS Voice Calling

If your phone is lost or broken allows you to make an SOS call to predefined numbers by holding a hidden button for a few seconds.


Smart Sensor

Proximity Sensor for battery saving.

Anti-lost distance notifications

If you forget your wallet you receive a phone notification.

RFID Protection

Your cards are safe.

For the Global GPS tracking and SOS calling function to work, a SIM card should be inserted. Some prepaid card is a good option based on the fact that you will not need this feature regularly.

For the people, who don’t want these functions we will offer a cheaper Walleon version with just Bluetooth tracking and limited range.

Innovations and design come together to present the best smart wallet you have ever seen!

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Walleon LED Features:

  • You can change the light color from the mobile app based on your outfit or mood
  • The LED light function is optimized to save battery, so when the camera is covered (for example in the pocket) it turns off the light
  • The light also auto stops 2 minutes after the wallet is taken out and you can configure the duration from your app
  • If you want to save the full battery you can also turn off the light permanently from the app
  • The light in the money pocket can also help you count your money in a low light place
  • The LED has low power consumption and the battery is 2500mah
Walleon yellow light

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