About us

Walleon is built by a team of Bulgarian designers, engineers, tailors, and other specialists. The founder of the project is Georgi Dyulgerov – an entrepreneur driven by the passion to create something new and amazing.

Georgi has more than 8 years of professional experience in digital marketing, business, and design. That is why with having the concept in his head he collected the best team to make this product real.

Georgi Dyulgerov - founder
Georgi Dyulgerov – Walleon founder

Our Story

From idea to realization

It all started with an idea – I was outside, my phone battery was on 1%, I needed my phone functioning to find the location I was searching for and was so annoyed that again I am without a cable and without a power bank in me.

When I went back to the office, I continued thinking. What if my wallet had a power bank in it?

I’ve already heard of some smart wallets and thought that just adding some features in addition to theirs is not interesting enough. But one day when I was looking at supercars I noticed that the future trend is LED.

LED is not just gaming, LED is futuristic. Like a spaceship design.

Then I started researching and drawing and this design idea hit me. But was it good enough? I then started looking for a designer to extend this concept and make it 3D (at this point I was thinking a 3D model is enough to launch a crowdfunding campaign).

Walleon 3D concept

One day I saw a very talented young designer in one freelance group and asked him to make a 3D model of my drawings, so I can visualize my wallet better.

After having it finalized I loved the idea even more, but quickly realized you cannot sell a product with 3D visualization.

Then the real work started

I started speaking with sewers, engineers and all kinds of “experts”, but they all said – “this is impossible” or “we are too busy” or they were asking me to tell them how to make it.

I also started contacting some Chinese manufacturers, but there the difficulty was even higher – they want you to make a big order and you just speak with some sales guy, who has no idea what to advise you and is trying to sell you their ready products…

Luckily I found a very nice and helpful laser engraving company in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, they connected me with a big tailoring workshop and I also found a very talented engineer in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

After some work, we had the first prototypes, but I wanted everything ready and functional – how can I promise a product if I am not sure it will work.
Then testing, and improving, and testing, the process took almost 9 months. While working on it new and new ideas were constantly coming to my head.

Walleon with wireless charging

On the way, I met people with successful crowdfunding campaigns, other people with ideas, every one of them was very helpful and amazing and helped me complete the cycle.

And now Walleon is ready!

I’ve been driven by the motivation to create something amazing, to combine futuristic design with smart features into a product that is having the same old style for decades.

Now I need your help to fund the manufacturing.


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