Walleon Features Explained and Pricing

Important Notice:

Walleon is still in prototype stage and some of these features can be modified, improved or removed before the official launch.

Also we cannot announce launch date yet, if you are interested in the project please subscribe to receive email on the launch.


Global GPS tracking powered by Helium

To enhance coverage further, Walleon is the only smart wallet so far that features global tracking powered by the Helium network. This GPS location tracking feature allows you to get the current location of your wallet instantly. With over 200,000 Helium LongFi hotspots globally and growing, Helium goes beyond traditional GPS tracking and helps Walleon stay almost always Internet-connected. Given that most major cities are already covered by Helium, now you’ll never have to worry about the location of your wallet and your belongings, especially while travelling.

Built-in Power Bank

Walleon is more than a wallet. It works as a power bank (wireless and cable charging are supported). To be more precise, Walleon comes with an built-in 2500 mAh ultra-thin power bank that gives you portable power and is thin enough to keep your wallet stylish. Yes, we all know how terrifying that dreadful 1% of battery left notification is, especially when lost or in an emergency!

Walleon phone charging

Security Features

Walleon equals not only power but safety. Packed with numerous security features like Walleon’s High-risk Mode, hidden pocket for your documents or money, and enhanced Bluetooth and Global tracking, Walleon is one of the most secure wallets on the market.

High-risk Mode

Imagine you are in a crowded destination where pickpocketing is highly possible – you don’t want to lose your money or documents while traveling! Walleon’s High-risk Mode acts as an immediate theft alarm that sends an audio signal to both your phone and wallet if one of them gets stolen. You can activate High-risk Mode from your app, so both your wallet and phone will start ringing, which will scare the thief and make them ditch what they’ve stolen. You can easily set the desired distance between both devices to trigger the alarm.

Walleon VIP Card

Walleon VIP Card

For those who support us within the campaign, we offer an exclusive Walleon VIP card that ensures:

  • 10% additional discount on all future products, even on currently discounted offers;
  • Premium customer support;
  • Beta testing and early access to new features and new products;
  • Access to Walleon VIP Facebook group;
  • User voice to vote for future features, approve features and designs and help us decide what the next products to contain.
Walleon VIP Card

Walleon Pricing and All Features

Walleon is still in a prototype phase and we are still working on our pricing. Please come back again or subscribe to receive updates from the form below.

Frequently asked questions

Walleon is available for preorder on Indiegogo.com. You can find it by following this link >>

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform, by making a purchase there you are helping the product developers to start manufacturing. Each product has a goal that has to be reached and if the product is funded successfully then the Wallets will be delivered to backers in 5 to 8 months after the campaign ends.

If the product is not funded your money will be returned from Indiegogo at the end of the campaign. You can also cancel your order anytime before the campaign ends.

By making an order from Indiegogo you receive many bonuses to compensate you for the waiting:

  • Big discounts + bonuses (30% to 45% discount from the normal price)
  • Walleon VIP card (as described above)
  • You are one of the first to have this product
  • You help us bring our product to live

The worst possible thing to happen while traveling is to lose your wallet and most importantly – your documents. Walleon has few layers of protection:

  1. High-risk mode – if activated from the App, Walleon will start an instant alarm after the wallet is 1 meter or more away from you.
  2. Distant notification – even if High-risk mode is not activated, you will still get a notification once your wallet starts getting away.
  3. Bluetooth 5.2 and Helium tracking – even if the thief gets away you can still track him. Walleon will send you the real-time location of the wallet up to 400 meters for Bluetooth 5.2 and if out of range will send you the last wallet location and start searching for both Helium and Bluetooth connection. So if you come closer you will again start receiving location and also if Helium hotspot is connected.
  4. The hidden pocket can protect your most important documents and also some cash.
  5. Even if thrown away, usually the thieves need your cash and maybe credit/debit cards. You can still find your documents. And if a stranger finds your wallet can tap his/her phone and thanks to NFC technology can see your contact details and get in touch (you can fill them in the APP).


Walleon has a long battery life thanks to the light sensor and big battery. The LED diodes are very low power consumption, the Bluetooth and other components also. But if you want to save even more battery just turn the LED off from the mobile APP. Note that Walleon supports both wireless and USB-C charging, making the charging easier and more flexible.

No, Walleon acts like a standard leather Wallet that you can use anytime. The battery is only for the features, but even without battery, you can use Walleon as a normal wallet.

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Important Notice: Walleon is in a prototype state. That means that our product is still in Beta and we are still working on improving it. Developing a quality product that is a combination of software, hardware and tailoring is a complicated process, but organizing the manufacturing is one step further.

We are funding this project so far on 100% of our own budget and haven't taken money from anyone. We launched our Indiegogo campaign, but canceled it due to the need to improve our marketing strategy and all funds were returned to the backers from Indiegogo. Please be patient, developing something great takes time.